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Dormans was established in 1950 as Kenya's first coffee roastery. The founders, Charles and Ellen Dorman wanted to bring the coffee drinking experience closer to home. Until then, coffee from the region had only been exported in its raw or green form. Sadly, Charles died a premature death in 1960 but Ellen carried on the business determined to fulfill his dream.

In her quest to provide a delightful coffee drinking experience to every consumer, Ellen creatively developed unique coffee blend formulations to meet the varied taste profiles of the different market segments. It was this passion and commitment that earned her the nickname ‘The grand old dame of coffee’. Many of her blend formulations remain popular to this day.

In 1986 Jeremy Block, in partnership with a UK multinational, purchased the business from a retiring Ellen.

Over the years, Dormans has pioneered many initiatives to spur local consumption and today, is the most trusted coffee brand in the East African market.


Year 2002 | Dormans set up Africa's first Coffee Training School, Nairobi School of Coffee. Dormans has connected many of the graduates to their hospitality clients, thus contributing to the employment of thousands of youth. The NSoC certificate is well sought-after by employers seeking to recruit qualified Baristas at their restaurants and coffee shops.

Year 2003 | Dormans pioneered the introduction of the Kenya National Barista Championships in Nairobi. The event has grown in popularity over the years. The event has helped enhance awareness of a Barista as a professional coffee maker.Winners compete at the World Barista Championships, an event organized by the Specialty Coffee Association of Europe and the Specialty Coffee Association of America.

Year 2004 | Dormans opened its first Coffee shop - a chain of shops followed.

Year 2005 | Dormans introduced ‘Coffee on the Go’ serving delightful coffee from a Mobile Coffee Cart, the first ever in the region.

Year 2013 | Dormans sold the assets of their coffee shops to a Partner who continues to operate a successful chain of coffee shops.


Dormans is renowned for consistent quality and freshness of coffee. We pay attention to what our customers say and our diverse product and service offering is aimed at providing a wholesome experience for our customers.

Our success hinges on meticulous quality control and robust food management systems to meet the safety requirements of our customers and consumers. Our certifications attest to our corporate goal.

Dormans was the first coffee roasting company in Africa to be accredited with:

FSSC 22000 (incl. ISO 22000)
A fully recognized Global Food Safety Initiative based on ISO standards.

Affirms our commitment to food safety and hazard controls

FLO Fairtrade
Provides assurance that farmers receive a fair share of industry benefits, workers along the chain have good working conditions and apply practices which prohibit child or forced labor. This initiative aims at making a positive impact on the livelihood of farmers and workers.

UTZ Certified
Guarantees sustainable coffee production from farm to shop

The Coffee Kenya Mark
Certification of 100% pure Kenyan coffee


Variety. We offer a wide variety of coffee blends to meet the different taste profiles of our customers, both local and the world over. We have different roast and grind profile to suit varied methods of making coffee.

Value. Our partnerships along the coffee chain place us in a unique position to offer best value for every blend we offer.

Quality & Expertise. Roasting is a vital process that coffee must undergo before it can be consumed. We have invested significantly in state-of-the-art equipment, efficient packaging lines and rigid control systems. Each blend is skillfully roasted in small batches to ensure peak quality and freshness. The coffee is packed in foil bags and we flush in nitrogen before fixing a one way valve. This valve locks in the flavour and aroma and protects the coffee from moisture and air.

Unparalleled Services. Our diverse and talented staff are proactive in our aftercare services offering advice, facilitating training, undertaking audits and supporting the maintenance of coffee machines. We love what we do and it shows in the solutions we provide. We also offer merchandising support and point of sale marketing material to our wholesalers. Our approach is to customize our solutions to meet our customers business goals.

Complementary Products We supply coffee making machines and accessories such as French presses, brewers, tampers, knock-boxes among other accessories required by our hospitality customers. We also offer tea and coffee syrups.

Industry Leadership & Innovation. Our master roasters and quality control team with decades of experience have a passion for quality and sustainable innovation ensuring we remain at the forefront of innovation in our industry.

Safety & Sustainability. Our certifications attest to our commitment to safety and quality giving evidence of our enhanced risk management systems and demonstrate that we exercise utmost care and attention to detail at all the stages of handling and processing our coffee to ensure that it is safe for consumption.

Our association with Fairtrade is evidence of our commitment to buy quality coffee from farmers at premium prices, commensurate to their efforts. Our Coffee Kenya Mark further validates our commitment to the industry.


Selection & Blending. Our experienced team of coffee liquorers select only the finest coffee for our customers to enjoy. The coffee is specially blended to bring out all the characteristics that give Kenyan coffee its world-renowned quality and flavour. The Dormans group of companies have factories, warehouses and processing plants in Nairobi, Moshi, Dar-es-Salaam and Kigali to secure and to maintain control over processes affecting quality and security of coffee from picking at farm level right to the cup.

Roasting. Roasting changes the colour of the beans from green to brown and releases the essential oils that hold coffee’s delectable aroma. Roasting is an art and a science. Masterful roasting enhances the nuances, aroma and best characteristics of the coffee. Dormans has been roasting premium Kenyan coffees for over 65 years, but our pursuit for perfection will never cease. Dormans has a wide range of blends to suit different tast profiles. We offer medium and dark roasts in most of our specialty blends to cater for all tastes. Medium roasting brings out complex flavours and has a lively bright taste. Dark roasts make for strong full bodied coffee.

Dormans has invested in state of the art coffee roasting technology combined with decades of expertise in the skillful art of roasting to develop aroma and flavours that give our products a qualitative distinction. After careful selection and processing, our Roast Masters meticulously blend and roast our coffee. It is then packed immediately in foil bags with special freshness valves that lock in the flavour and aroma, protecting the roast from moisture and air.

Rewarding Excellence. We are committed to supporting the Kenyan coffee farmers and East African coffee farmers at large, who take enormous care in growing coffee. Sustainability and ethical sourcing is a key element of our buying policy. An Annual Dormans Quality Competition is held where prizes are awarded to farmers and co-operatives in recognition of excellence in coffee production.

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